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House Foods Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine Noodles Single Bag

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Date Added: 07/16/2007 by Kimberly
My favorite way to prepare these noodles is like this:

In a large skillet sautee some chopped garlic (I use the jarred kind) and some onion until soft. Add one or two cans of diced Italian Style tomatoes and about half a can of chicken broth. Add any veggies you desire such as red pepper, broccoli, mushrooms, chopped asparagus, snap peas...whatever then add 2-3 cups of bagged spinach (it will wilt a lot so you really won't end up with that much of it), and then add your spices. They key here is LOTS or red pepper flakes or ground red pepper for the kick, then add some Italian seasoning. You won't need salt because of the sodium in the canned items and the red pepper takes care of the pepper. When you are about ready to eat dump in your rinsed noodles (it helps to cut them first since they are so long), and then let them get heated a couple of minutes in the skillet. Top with Parmesan cheese once you have plated the dish. Yum ;P
It literally takes ten minutes to make this dish since you don't have too cook pasta. Enjoy!
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