7 Top Foods to Eat on a Ketogenic Diet

7 Top Foods to Eat on a Ketogenic Diet

The struggles associated with the quest to achieve a healthy weight are well known. Achieving desired weight surely requires you to bring changes to your lifestyle. What concerns us more is the change in the diet that compels us to push ourselves towards bland taste food and kick out the tasty treats from our diet. But who said the ketogenic diet drive all the tasty happiness out of your life?  

Even if they used to, the scenario has changed now. Today, we have so many diets to follow that not only have the desired outcomes, but the journey to it is also tasty and satiating. One such is the Ketogenic Diet. Instead of taking the fats away from your plate, this popular diet brings fat-rich and protein-rich foods to the table. Sounds yummy, right?

However, the only thing this diet would need you to eliminate from your meals is carbs. As carbs are the source of energy that is readily available for our body to utilize, leaving the stored fat unutilized. In the absence of carbs, our body heads toward the stored fat to gain energy, and voila! Fat gets used without being stored to increase weight. 

With all said, now let’s have a look what are the delicious treats this diet lets us have on our plate. 

  • Seafood

Seafood is a good Source of Essential Nutrients. It is rich in B vitamins, potassium, etc. Seafood contains low amounts of carbohydrates. Salmon, mackerel, and oysters are some of the best seafood for a keto diet.  Fish and other seafood are good sources of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids that help in various metabolic activities. However, the carbs in different types of seafood differ. It is recommended to be conscious while having them in your diet.

  • Pasta

Low Carb Pasta

Low-carb pasta is a good alternative to the common pasta available in the market. The great low carb bread company pasta contains fewer carbs with a good amount of protein and calories to keep you energized and satiated simultaneously. Great low-carb bread company pasta is filled with the goodness of pea protein isolate. oat fiber, egg whites, wheat gluten, semolina, etc. Enjoy your delicious pasta dish without stressing about the carbs.

  • Cereal, Chips, Crackers, and Snacks

Cereal, Chips, Crackers, and Snacks on ketogenic diet

The first thing we are advised when we decide to go on a diet is to avoid snacking. However, the habit of snacking that we develop over time is hard to leave in a day. But you don’t need to worry as we have a solution. Try healthy low-carb snacking like low-carb chips, cereals, low carb flax crackers, and snacks. Shed the unhealthy fats in the most delicious way without drastically changing your diet.    

  • Low-Carb Bread

Low Carb Pita Bread

Most of us love to start our mornings with a loaf of nicely toasted bread. Unfortunately, being rich in carbs, bread couldn’t find its place on the ketogenic diet menu. Hold on; it doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on your favorite breakfast or quick meal food. Today, a range of ketogenic bread is available with net zero carbs on the market, like great low carb pita bread. These keto bread are the perfect alternative to your unhealthy white bread.

  • Tortillas And Wraps

No one should get devoid of low-carb savory tortillas. That’s why Great Low Carb Tortillas with zero carbs are among the keto tortillas you can get your hands on. It is made with oat fiber, Avocado oil, salt, etc., that offers 6 grams of protein with 45 calories per serving. 

Make your choice of wraps with keto tortillas and have keto wraps for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. Let your tastebuds enjoy your journey to a better and healthy lifestyle with you. 

  • Protein Powder & Nutrition Bars

We all know a ketogenic diet is all about a good amount of fats and proteins and taking fewer carbs in your daily meals. Hence, leaving protein powder and nutrition bars out of the list makes no sense. Not only do these protein powder and nutrition bars help you stay satiated for a long but also suppress the cravings for carbs on a daily basis and help you in achieving your aim. 

  • Cookies, Brownies, Candy, Chocolate, Ice Cream

ketogenic diet cookies

Let’s talk about the guilty pleasures we often find ourselves indulging in. The cookies, brownies candy chocolate, and last but not least irresistible ice creams have been a reason why we couldn’t take on, and if we did, why could we follow up on any diet consistently. 

Let’s give you delicious news. These guilty pleasures are no more guilty pleasures but only pleasures. LoCarbU presents you with your favorite food items that you can relish without a stint of worry. Check out these heavenly delicious sweets with no sugar, low carb, and goodness of eggs. 

Gear up your speed toward your aim to start a healthy lifestyle while enjoying your favorite food. After all, your health is the wealth that’s going to stay with you.

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