This bread is the BEST

The low carb-everything bread is scrumptious.. I would eat this bread even if it wasn’t low carb. Just the best. So glad to find something this good after not being so lucky for so long. Thanks for a wonderful product..

I Love Lo Carb-U Foods

Exceptional delicious fresh or freshly frozen foods and fantastic service, including quick reasonably priced shipping, which is always carefully packed and marked Perishable. Thank you!

Great Site

I have been ordering from here for several years and am extremely pleased with the products and the service. The only thing I would ask is that Chompies ads a little more salt to the dough. That ads much more flavor. Otherwise, I really like the bread, and it makes great French toast.


Just received our goodies today. What can I say- we love every piece of each item. Absolutely great. Shipment is unbelievable affordable and super fast.I really want to hug and kiss every person who was making and putting our order together! And thank you for the note about shirataku noodles.Guys, you are THE BEST!!!!!!!

Low carb diet savior

Jason I’ve lost over 30 pounds on a low carb diet and your rye and pumpernickel bread has been a life saver. Being able to make sandwiches and have bread with breakfast eggs makes life so much easier.

Chocolate Paleo Muffins Yum!!

These are my absolute favorites – so great to have a healthy chocolate fix – especially being wheat free – not just gluten free – it’s so hard to find! Kudos to their great customer service as well!


I need to lose quite a bit of weight so went on the Atkin’s website. I have since discovered that they have discontinued their bread and baking mixes among other products. Then, I went to every grocery store in my area to find low carb products and discovered that not a store carries much of […]

Fast Delivery! Delicious Products!

I ordered my low carb products yesterday. I received an email confirming my order and shortly after an email confirming shipment. The package arrived at my door this afternoon! So far, I’ve tried the cinnamon bagels, BBQ sauce & drink mix. All have been yummy so far! Looking forward to ordering more low carb goodies! […]